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DO Communication is an industry leader in SEO and allied services. We follow a client- first approach and cater to major businesses across the globe.

What We Offer

  • SEO services rooted in
    Data Analytics
  • Assured growth in
    Google Search Ads (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing driven by a deep understanding of your target audience
  • Video Content that creates brand awareness and educates your audience about your products and services









Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization & Content

Search Engine Optimization & Content

Google Search & Display Ads

Google Search & Display Ads

Video Production & Marketing

Video Production & Marketing

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How We Do

In-depth research of target market and competitor landscape

Customized content delivered to the right audience

Focused SEO Strategies

Well-defined roadmap for success

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Response to urgent work is quite appreciable

Geetika Doomra

Executive, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd.

It is always a pleasure to work with DO Communication team. For any type of challenge, the team never fails to crack the code and get you better than desired results. I would highly recommend them.

Jigar Rathod

Campaign Performance Manager, Philips India

Our communication does not include a pell -mell of technical jargons, neither does it include complicated processes that take ages to understand.

We follow 3 simple steps to improve your SEO authority

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Still Thinking if You Need an SEO Agency?

Think no more. The answer is Yes! As a business owner, your time is precious, and so are your investments. We understand this and bring you specialized knowledge packaged in cost-effective, focused services that allow you to expand and improve your products and services.

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Frequently Asked Queries

1. I have a small/mid-size online business; do I really need SEO?

Short answer, yes you do.

Generally, over 50% of your website visitors come through Search Engines. Most of them are discovering your site for the first time after searching for a relevant keyword. Search engines like Google assign weightage to websites based on parameters like technical efficacy and content when showing results. To make sure that your website is in sync with those parameters and ranks at the top, you need SEO.

2. I have done SEO, my website still won't rank, why?

There can be a number of reasons. You might be working with an active 'Google penalty' without even knowing it or maybe the SEO was not done correctly, or you are in a super competitive niche where your peers are deploying better digital marketing strategies. If you need help, call us up for a free SEO audit of the website.

3. What is a Google Penalty?

Google is constantly working towards delivering “more personalized search results”. In this quest, the company releases periodic updates to its search algorithms. A Google penalty or ‘action’ is applied when your website is caught violating one or more of its guidelines. Getting a penalty lifted can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. That's another reason why you should have an SEO expert on board to assist you.

4. How long does SEO take? What is the ROI?

Like we said, SEO is like evolution, you get better with time and efforts. You might start seeing initial results for some very obscure keywords within a few days of doing SEO. After a month, you will start ranking on more relevant keywords, and after a year, your SERP rankings will increase for even more focused keywords.

The ROI of SEO varies from industry to industry. Basically, it depends on how important it is for your business to come up as the top recommendation in search results? Let's sit together to find out.

5. What can SEO do for my business?

SEO can be a serious asset if online marketing is an important part of your business. Focused keyword selection and content strategy combined with a technically sound website can help you in bypassing competition and tapping new markets. The best part about SEO is that your conversions are completely organic and thus, help you in building genuine brand awareness and loyalty. Which, in turn, helps your organic revenue.

6. I have more questions, where do I ask?

We thought you would. Use the contact form below to shoot us an email and we will gladly assist you with a new SEO strategy for 2020.